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To become the best and the biggest company in the business of port services and ferry services regionally and able to create added value to stakeholders


ASDP Indonesia Ferry has formulated four mission to achieve company`s vision :



Care, Reliable, Trustworthy



Based on the Amendment of the Company Articles of Association, article 3, and Notarial Act No. 24 dated August 8, 2008 prepared and presented before Johny Dwikora Aron, SH Notary in Jakarta, the purposes and objectives of the Company is to conduct business in port service, river, lake, and sea transportation service , as well as to optimize the resources of the Company to generate high-quality and competitive goods and/or services in order to gain profit. In actualizing the purposes and objectives, the Company conduct business activities as follows :
Port service for river and lake transportation and ferry  Transportation and ferry service on river and lake  Miscellaneous Business Services 

Port services are providing facilities for terminal, dock, and other facilities, provision and/or service of fueling and clean water, vehicles pick up and drop off, and tug boat services


Until 2015, ASDP Indonesia Ferry have been providing 195 ferry routes across Indonesia, which served by 139 fleets (commercial and pioneer). These routes are connected from Sabang to Merauke, and from Talaud to Rote


Other than the main business activities, the Company can also conduct other business activity in an effort to optimize the utilization of sources for property, advertising, warehouse, office affairs, tourism facilities, leasing and operation of facilities and infrastructure of river, lake and ferry transportation





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