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| Partnership and Community Program

PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) is one of the State Owned Enterprises whose entire capital is derived from state assets set aside, bring government mission as one of the catalysts driving the national economy. The role and social responsibilities of ASDP Indonesia Ferry which carried out, one of them through PKBL (Partnership and Community Development Program) as stipulated in the Regulation of The Minister of State-Owned Enteprises No. 09/MBU/07/2015 about The Partnership Program and Community Development State-Ownded Enterprises.


Partnership Program

This program is intended to improve the capability of small enterprises to be tougher and more independent as a multiplier effect to increase the welfare of the communities surrounding the areas of operations either branch or head office.

The Form and Status of Donation in the Partnership Program as follows :

  • Loans for working capital and/or fixed assets purchase in order to improve the production and sales,

  • Special loans to fill the fund requirement for the implementation of business activicties of Business Partners. The loans are in the form of additional short-term loans to meet the demands form Business Partners

Maximum of loan is Rp 75 million in 3 years.


Community Development Program

This program is to empower the social conditions in the area around ASDP Indonesia Ferry operations through the utilization of the funds from the profit of state owned enterprises and grants.

The community Development Programs are as follows  :

  • Donations for natural disaster victims;

  • Donations for education and/or trainings;

  • Donations for health improvement;

  • Donations for public infrastructure and/or facilities improvement;

  • Donations for religious infrastructure;

  • Donations for environment preservation;

  • Social assitance for poverty reduction;

  • To finance education, training, marketing, promotion, and other activities related to the improvement of Business Partners as well as to review/research matter related to the program.


Since 1994 to 2015, total fund distributed amounting to Rp 9,78 Billion to 523 Business Partners   Realization of Community Development Program from the year 2008 to 2015 is about Rp 10,82 Billion

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